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Our Medical Transcription Advantage

Our Electronic patient Records System

Our Electronic Health Records in usa is a personalized, user-friendly, and HIPAA compliant web based patient record maintenance solution, which provides a personalized and secured access to patient health records and transcriptions.

Benefits of using our Medical Transcription/EPR service

Exceptional Quality: We deliver over 98.9 % accuracy – calculated as per AAMT Book of Style by assigning each error a weightage and computing that against total number of characters in a report.
Excellent Customer Support: You can reach our support any time by calling 1-(888)-617-9894 or by emailing at [email protected] No contracts, no setup fees and no minimum volume requirements.
Free Trial: We offer two day (first 250 lines), no-obligation free trial. Please contact our representative to start your free trial.
Turn around time advantage: Turn around time for the transcription would be 24 hours. On-Time Delivery of transcribed documents, every time.
Scalable Solution: Our experienced staff maintains excellent quality in spite of any volume surges during peak load times.

Auto Fax Service: We can fax transcribed reports directly to attending or referral physicians and relieve office staff of the time-consuming process of sending faxes manually.

Other services such as Medical Billing & Coding Services, EMR support etc File retrieval module allows practices to search for transcribed documents Audio and document file. Online Retention and Backup Service FTP File Synchronization Service Easy integration with existing in house system Secured access to our EMR system via login ID and Password authentication. We support for all modes of dictation – Toll-Free Telephone Dictation, handheld, PDA, or other digital recorders, In House System, Safety Net, and PC Dictation Service Multiple delivery options such as secure web interface, email, fax, or FTP etc. They can also be sent to a hospital’s/clinic’s in house document management system via HL7 or XML coding.

Dictation Process

Talisman Solutions supports following and many other dictation systems:
Toll Free Service: Doctors can use any phone line and dial a toll free number to dictate. Dictation system automatically transfers the dictated audio files to TSI facility using 128-bit SSL encryption.
Handheld Recorders: There are various digital recorders available in the market that cost anything between USD 200 to USD 400. The weight of the recorders is between 1 to 1.5 pounds and can be easily carried, allowing the flexibility to dictate. The voice quality is good. The option is convenient and also low on upfront and running costs. Dictated files are automatically transferred to TSI facility from dictator’s computer.
Dictation System: There are various companies in the market supplying the dictation system, viz., DVI, Lanier, Crescendo, Winscribe, etc. These are all good companies and their systems are widely used in the business and are successful. The option is convenient but high on upfront cost and low on running cost.
Dictating on Computer: There are some shareware and some paid software available in the market whereby you can dictate on your PC. The voice quality is inconsistent, as one has to be careful about the distance of the mouth from the mic. Too far may make the volume very low and too close would make the voice blurred. The option is low on convenience but also has insignificant upfront and running costs.

Our Transcription & Quality Assurance Process

Talisman Solutions Medical Transcription Services near me has a seasoned and repeatable quality control process, which ensures excellent quality and high productivity.
First Level: The transcriptionist transcribes and checks for any errors
Second Level: Quality assurance personnel checks for any errors and produces an exportable product.
Third Level: QC manager randomly checks about 25 % of the files.
Also, medical and language specialists are available at all times to sort out problems at all levels.

Delivery Options

Talisman Solutions, Medical Transcription company in Texas has various delivery options to suit our customer needs.
Secured email: We can deliver reports to your email account using secured email.
Secured FTP: We can create Secured FTP account for you. With single click files can be on your computer.

Real-Time Dictation Tracking

Talisman Solutions Medical Transcription company in Texas provides the Real-Time Dictation Tracking; it is a technique for the account and editing the verbally expressed word in real-time. The dictation is finished by the utilization of an old-fashioned recorder or digital recorders that are lighter, have more battery life and can record for much longer using similar media, then the simple tape-based recorders

Formats and Permissions

At Talisman Solutions, the files of real-time dictation differ in size, depending upon the manufacturer. The widely recognized document of the recorders produces have one of the formats WAV, WMA, or MP3. Some dictation machines record in the DSS and DS2 format. The DSS and DS2 records are the sound taking into account more portability. Our clients can rewind or quick forward to any point inside the transcription document to audit or alter. We provide access capacity of advanced sound permits embeddings sound anytime without overwriting the accompanying content.
Areas Served: We offer medical billing services in the following cities and counties in Texas, Michigan, and Ohio:

Cities: Dallas, Southfield, Dublin

Counties: Collin County, Oakland County, Franklin County

Zip Codes: 75252, 48075, 43017