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For years, we’ve been delivering top-tier medical billing services across Texas and beyond, aiding providers in their journey towards enhancing their practices. Backed by an expert team, industry expertise, best practices, and state-of-the-art technology, we excel in:

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Swift reimbursements, and hassle-free billing

Tired of revenue delays and billing issues? Simplify the process with our expert medical billing service.

Why Talisman Solutions?

As a leading medical billing company in Texas (and serving across numerous states), we empower healthcare providers to thrive and increase revenue. Our robust solutions and dedicated team ensure efficient claims processing, maximized reimbursements, and reduced administrative burdens.

Reasons to Choose Us:

Proven Results:

98% client satisfaction rate, ensuring smooth financial operations.

Expert Team:

Certified professionals navigate complex regulations and coding.

Tailored Solutions:

Customized plans to fit your healthcare practice's unique needs.


Advanced tools for seamless claim submission and tracking.


Growth-oriented support as your practice expands.

Key Features of Our Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing company offers end-to-end solutions backed by 16 years of expertise. Our services encompass coding, claim submission, payment posting, and revenue analysis.

Medical Billing Methodology

Across Texas, and beyond, we’ve helped numerous medical practices achieve the holy grail: booming revenue coupled with minimized costs. Our secret? A tried-and-tested methodology honed over years of experience.

Fast-Track Revenue:

Our efficient onboarding and AR/chart audit process identifies gaps and streamlines workflows, ensuring you start seeing results quickly.

Never-Ending Efficiency:

We don't just fix things, we constantly improve them. Our data-driven approach uncovers and eliminates inefficiencies, keeping your costs lean and your profits healthy.

Cost-Conscious Culture:

We believe every dollar counts. That's why we implement smart strategies to reduce unnecessary expenses, leaving more money in your pocket for what matters most.

Contractual Advantage:

We don't let insurance companies dictate your bottom line. Our experts renegotiate contracts to ensure you receive the highest possible reimbursement rates.

Medicare Mastery:

Let us navigate the complexities of Medicare billing. We specialize in optimizing your claims to capture every eligible dollar.

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Effortless revenue optimization awaits.

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Talisman Solutions collects the claims for the doctors from the insurance like no other vendor does. Our average monthly collection reaches 95% claims being collected from the insurance companies.

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