Medical Billing

Payment Posting & Denial Analysis:

We have trained professionals in Medical Billing Service Providers to do the posting and analyze for the denials and take corrective measures,Medical Billing Processes which improves your Cash Flow.

Talisman Solutions Have Three Steps of A/R Follow-Up

Talisman Solutions Outsourcing Medical Billing Services have trained callers to reduce AR Days, Medical Billing Service Providers increase your collection ratio and to improve your cash flow through regular follow-up with the insurance carrier and patients.

Step 1: Initial Evaluation

This stage includes the proof and examination of the cases recorded on the A/R report.Medical Billing Companies near me survey the medical policies and recognizes which claims should be balanced off.

Step 2: Analysis and Prioritizing

This step is for the claims or cases that are recognized as uncollectible or for applications where the carrier has not paid by its contracted rate with the healthcare provider.

Step 3: Collection

The claims on this stage are on the documentation to reach of the bearer are re-recorded of confirming all the fundamental charging data, for example, claims to handle address and adaptation to other medical charging rules. We look-after the persistent bills that are produced according to the customer rules and after that caught up with the patients for payments.

Jobs and Responsibilities: A/R Specialists

Talisman Solutions Medical Billing company in Texas look to the work to be done before the doctor can claim a sum from the insurance firm. We work in two divisions first is A/R Analytics and the second one is A/R follow-up.

Our Process
  • We check / scan the required documents or superbills that will be collected from your office daily, through FTP upload or PC anywhere Access.
  • All Patient Demographics, Insurance Information, Superbills, EOB copies, and charges will be keyed through the online or offline route. Medical claims process software will be used to submit claims electronically. Expected TAT of this process is 36 Hrs..
  • EOB (Explanation of Benefits) will be updated into billing software and payment information will be updated to individual claims on a daily basis, based on daily document source. Check copies and Explanation of Benefits
  • AR aging reports will be carefully processed and sent for your appraisal. All Unpaid / Denied / Rejected claims will be analyzed, accounted and acted upon by the AR crew, which will also call various Insurance Companies for follow-up
  • Insurance calling will be done for claims based on the AR report. Through our Office / Client, we will route the submission of secondary and tertiary claims, claims with attachments, patient bills and other documents to the Insurance companies.
  • Reports on the work done will be sent on daily, weekly and monthly basis.