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Electronic Health Records


The Electronic Health Records in USA acts as the backbone for delivering immaculate patient care, establishing efficient processes and maximizing profitability. Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.

Universal Accessibility

Our Internet-based Electronic Health Records in USA runs on the user’s web browser. This enables universal accessibility from a desktop, tablet PC or handheld computer. Compared to the conventional Windows applications, The Electronic Health Records in USA offers the user easy accessibility across locations. Providers can view or edit patient data from a desktop, PDA handheld device or tablet PC at their convenience.

Informed Decision Making

By ensuring swift patient record documentation at the point-of-care, the EMR eliminates the burden of illegible writing, paper processes, and unorganized records. A one-click search allows instant retrieval of patient notes, medications and vital documents, ensuring that the physician makes the best-informed clinical decisions.

Specialty Specific Customization

The Patient data is captured in forms customized to each specialty e.g. cardiology, ENT, and neurology. The point-and-click data capture in these forms reduces the transaction time by over 60%.

Ensured Compliance

Working in a high volume, high-pressure environment it is often possible to overlook minute details in patient documentation. By ensuring secure, detailed documentation as well as accurate chart Medical Coding Terms and diagnosis, the Importance of Electronic Health Records ensures compliance with HIPAA and HCFA norms. This also ensures a reduction in malpractice insurance premiums.

Interpretive Reporting

The reporting system is an essential tool for business analysis and planning. The system allow users to formulate exhaustive reports by demographics, insurance, ICD/CPT Codes, data accessed, etc.

Integrated Workflow

The system ensures superior coordination among providers, nurses and other staff. Multiple user rights dictate the features available to each user and ensure seamless workflow, with minimal coordination hassles.

Scope for Research Initiatives

With exhaustive electronic documentation, clinics can invest in clinical research. Access to complete patient records, clinical data and reports helps clinics to pursue intensive research with ease.

Patient Accounting

Talisman Solutions Hospital Information System in USA integrated suite of patient accounting solutions provide healthcare facilities with the information they need to manage patient flow and automate their Medical Billing Processes. These modules streamline patient services, minimize rejected claims and denials, accelerate reimbursements, improve revenue cycle performance and enhance patient satisfaction with your services.  
  1. Admission/Discharge/Transfer – Streamlines the admissions, discharge and transfer process by automating workflow and eliminating redundant tasks

  2. Electronic Claims –Transmits insurance claims electronically directly to intermediaries, reducing errors and speeding claims processing

  3. Electronic Eligibility Verification – Quickly verifies a patient’s insurance eligibility for services during the admissions process.

  4. Electronic Remittance Advice –Automates electronic remittance advice from an intermediary and updates the patient’s record.

  5. Medical Necessity Checking – Validates the reasonableness and necessity of procedures being performed based on local medical review policies (LMRP) significantly reduces the risk of providing services that will not be reimbursed.

  6. Patient Accounting –Provides comprehensive patient billing, insurance billing, accounts receivable, collections, revenue reporting and helps manage bad debts, including online, point of service patient payments to speed and increase collections.

  7. Patient Scheduling – Simplifies scheduling of patients and patient inquiries, generates recall/reminder notices and helps manage resource utilization across the enterprise.

  8. Surgery Scheduling – Helps effectively manage your surgical departments’ operations, resources and schedules.

Financial Management

Talisman Solutions Hospital Information System in USA provides an integrated suite of accounting and financial modules for managing your facility’s financial operations, resources, and personnel. With information from Talisman HIS accounting and financial modules, you have the ability to analyze and act on critical financial performance data, enabling you to more effectively manage your organization.
  1. General Ledger – Consolidates monitors and reports on the financial results of your healthcare facility – enterprise-wide.

  2. Accounts Payable – Efficiently manages your vendor invoices and tracks payment transactions.

  3. Material Management – Effectively automates your inventory control, materials purchasing and requisitions. Provides for multiple vendor contract management.

  4. Payroll – Completely automates your payroll processing and reporting.

  5. Personnel – Provides for the effective management of your employees’ information, including validation of criminal background checks.

Clinical System

Talisman HIS integrated suite of clinical information modules provides hospitals with solutions that help clinical departments by automating administrative and clinical documentation tasks, thereby enabling clinicians to focus on providing quality patient care, instead of managing patient data. The flexible modules allow customization to meet the needs of your physicians, nurses, and other care providers. The Talisman HIS modules promote compliance with a facility’s best practices and improve patient safety.
  1. Electronic Medical Record – Talisman Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the central repository for all of your patients’ information. The EMR provides caregivers – nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals – a comprehensive view of patient information including, demographic, historical and clinical information. Information from all care settings within a healthcare system – physician’s offices, clinics, hospitals, home health practices, and long-term care is stored and available through the patient’s electronic medical record. The EMR ensures that treatment decisions are based on the most up-to-date information and that care is coordinated between multiple care providers.

  2. Order/Entry – Improves order communication between departments and/ or care settings. Clinicians can enter orders, edit placed orders and view order status for all patient types, using department specific ordering and charging menus.

  3. Pharmacy – Helps pharmacists manage all aspects of medication verification and dispensing, including e-prescribing, coordinating orders, interaction checking, administration and charging. Integrated with the patient’s electronic medical record, pharmacists have access to the patient information they require, with an up-to-date view of the patient’s current and past medication record.

  4. Laboratory – Automates all lab department activities, enabling users to receive, track and process orders, report results and ensure quality control. Interfaces with laboratory instruments to further streamline the process of collecting test data within the lab. The results are saved in the patient’s Talisman EMR.

  5. Radiology – Automates the everyday activities within a radiology department, including processing orders, image management and tracking, generating department reports and automating charging. Using the Talisman EMR, the module facilitates efficient communication between radiologists, technicians, nurses and physicians.