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For years, our medical coding services have helped healthcare providers navigate complex coding challenges, streamline billing processes, and minimize bad debts and claim denials. Trust us to optimize your practice’s revenue cycle management.

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Expert Coding, Elevated Care
Expert Coding, Elevated Care

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Efficiency, Accuracy and Compliance

Key Features of Our Medical Coding Outsourcing Services

Expert Coding Solutions:

Tailored coding expertise for various medical specialities.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Advanced tools for accuracy and efficiency.

Dedicated Support:

Personalized assistance for quick issue resolution.

Compliance Assurance:

Adherence to regulatory (HIPAA) guidelines.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Efficient coding at competitive rates.

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Care Without Coding Burden

Focus on Patient Care; Let Us Handle the Coding for You.

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Talisman Solutions collects the claims for the doctors from the insurance like no other vendor does. Our average monthly collection reaches 95% claims being collected from the insurance companies.

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