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How it Works

Full Cycle RCM Solution

As the leader in revenue cycle management (RCM), Talisman has pioneered a comprehensive system that maximizes revenue generation for healthcare provider practices and hospitals while reducing administrative costs. Our RCM System delivers an intelligent platform that enables you to generate revenue to the fullest potential.Talisman focuses all its expertise to provide you with a full-service solution that:

Increases revenue collection by ensuring patients are eligible for medical services and verifying pre-authorization prior to the exam Gives you access to our proprietary software where you can see and track each stage of a claim or batch from first logged to posted payment Actively follows up with unresolved claims issues and diligently appeals denied claims Analyzes denial rationales and coding errors in order to establish follow-up procedures that maximize recovery rate Uses predictive modeling to help you forecast future revenue streams and support cash flow Is compliant with Medicare and HIPAA, and offers an optional certified EMR platform that satisfies HITECH requirements, qualifying you for performance incentives Provides unparalleled transparency through comprehensive reporting and web-based tools that let you manage performance Talisman RCM Workflow

Talisman innovative RCM System encompasses a comprehensive approach to medical billing and collection, which is supported our proprietary, state-of-the-art software specifically built for revenue generation.Work Flow

This system is designed to ensure every step of the RCM is completed. Our systematic process leaves no medical claim behind. Our unique approach to RCM identifies each claim as its own entity and treats it as such throughout the claim’s life cycle. Our robust workflow considers the full cycle life of a claim, encompassing: Validation of patient pre-authorization through MDInsurance Auth Verification of member eligibility and benefits through MDEligibility Proper claims processing and submission Timely payment postings Management of denials including an intelligent appeals strategy Proactive AR follow up Comprehensive or customized reporting that enable you to manage performance Access to software which allows you to see each stage of a claim or batch from initial logged to posted payment Internal and integrated litigation that go after specific revenue losses Comprehensive and Customized Reporting Talisman is committed in providing unparalleled transparency in our client relationships. We provide you with access to proprietary software where you can see and track each stage of a claim’s life cycle.We work with you to develop customized reporting templates to enable you to see your practice’s financial performance and help you to identify opportunities for improvement. As a result, the status of a claim is never a mystery.Regulatory Compliance

Talsiman RCM system is compliant with Medicare, HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Our stringent adherence to PHI and confidentiality affords you the ability to meet regulatory requirements.