Claims Follow Up & Denial Management

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Claims Follow Up & Denial Management

Timely Follow Up

An On-Demand Specialist is assigned to work on the request, coordinate all needs with the insurance companies, complete all follow up, and send results expediently back to the provider. Our success rate in obtaining insurance authorization approval is over 95%.

No Claim Is Left Behind

If claims are not paid during a specified time period, we follow up with the carrier regarding the unpaid claim. All calls are logged. Based upon the information gathered, we will take necessary action on the unpaid claim to correct and resubmit it. This may include re-billing, re-coding, or sending appeal letters.

Denial Management Increases Revenue

Our denial analysis tools allow us to identify most common denials and their causes. We then work with our clients to develop an action plan and make sure corrective measures are taken to reduce those denials and improve revenue recovery in the future.