Adopting Telehealth, the Right Way!

Adopting Telehealth, the Right Way!  

If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us the value of business continuity and contingency planning. This applies as much to Healthcare facilities as any other business. Healthcare facilities are business too and must care about the top and bottom line as any other business. Now, traditionally healthcare has been a very personal and face to face experience and we all thought that transition to remote care may be terribly slow, if not impossible. But the pandemic has accelerated the transition. Every healthcare facility should consider enabling telehealth for their patients because of advantages it brings.  

Telehealth not only supplies a cost-effective and streamlined way of delivering patient care, but also can make the entire practice more efficient. Patients can be reached quickly at any time of the day for follow-up services. It enables medical providers to collaborate with each other easily and effectively. This allows patients to see their doctors when they need and allows healthcare providers to focus on more patients who are in desperate need of medical care. When done right, adopting telehealth can eliminate, or at least reduce the load on front office staff. It also makes it easier for a patient to track the progress of his or her care and make sure that the information sent to the doctor is accurate 

It also enables the healthcare facility to expand patient’s geographic area. Many health care providers are now offering expanded services to patients who live in other states or even different countries. When patients move out of an area where they have had a certain doctor for years, it can be hard for them to find a new one. Adopting Telehealth will allow patients to get better healthcare from doctors, specialists, and other medical staff without taking them out of their current work environment. It is a convenient way for patients to avoid leaving work to see their healthcare provider. 

As great as it sounds, Telehealth is not the best fit for every specialty or every scenario. Also, there is cost involved, needing to ensure that the practice gets a quick return on investment.  

Key aspects of successful telehealth adoption are technology, legal and regulatory considerations, proper workflow, and reimbursements. Healthcare facilities must be mindful of medical liability, licensing, consent, privacy, and security considerations too. Selecting the right equipment and technology solutions is key and so is rolling them out with proper training. If the adoption process goes smoothly, the chances of claims being denied due to improper coding is minimized or eliminated altogether.  

Finding the right partner is a crucial step for a medical provider, as it ensures that right technology and process would be implemented. The old paper-based billing method, which delays the claims processing significantly and adds additional costs and consumes extra time for the claims process will not work here. 

Talisman Solutions can help deliver Improved health outcomes, improved patient experience, reduced costs, and improved provider satisfaction. Talisman Solutions specializes in helping health care providers with all aspects of telemedicine such as select the right tools, implement right process, navigate through legal and licensing requirements, and maximize reimbursements. We simplify the adoption process and make it easier to complete, more efficient, and less time-consuming for both the patient and the medical provider. 


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