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We know how frustrating it is for medical and healthcare decision-makers to acquire more patients without the right plan, people, or processes in place. That’s why we’ve created a totally unique agency model that leverages our experience in the health care marketing space in order to help businesses like yours succeed and meet your growth goals.

With many practices operating at less than capacity, now more than ever, it’s critical to develop a comprehensive plan to maximize revenue generation, increase patient engagement and ensure your systems and team are in alignment.

Convince New Patients with a Stellar Online Reputation

It is imperative to manage your online reputation, as it does have a significant impact on your ability to acquire new patients. Almost 72 percent of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor, so your online reputation is often the first impression for many patients. Also, this is a reason why you want most of your reviews to be positive. Ask the patients loyal to your office to share some positive reviews online. The more positive reviews you receive, the more visible your presence will become, allowing you to dominate the searches made in your area.

At Talisman Solutions we help you:

Do you need a Patient Acquisition marketing expert?

How We'll Help You Grow in The First 90 Days Establish Your Practice Growth Goals

We want to hear about your past challenges, your current processes, and your future plans. Discuss every aspect of your business and set goals with a marketing expert.

Establish Your 90-Day Plan
Work with us to plan out the next quarter of marketing initiatives and gain new branding, messaging, and digital strategies to generate patient leads.

Implement & Grow the Practice
As your digital presence improves and your internal processes streamline, you’ll experience the GROWTH your expertise deserves — without wasted resources of time or money.

Patient Services
Relieve your front office staff from the burden of “explaining and selling” prospective patients, so they can focus on the day-to-day of your practice. Our experienced Patient Advocates will handle patient education, lead qualification, appointment setup, and more.

Medical Practice Websites
The first time most patients will interact with your business and your providers is through your website. This is a tool that you’ll use to introduce yourself, gain trust, earn business, educate patients, and provide ongoing resources to encourage continuation of care.

Branding & Messaging
Are you tired of getting mixed up with your competitor down the street? Do you feel like patients just don’t get your practice? From logos to standout messaging, we’ll help you pull away from your competitors to let your expertise shine.

Digital Advertising
Digital advertising is an essential tactic for your business, but the strategy is key. We know that you don’t just need just any person coming through the door — you need qualified patients. From Google and Bing to Facebook, Instagram, display networks, or native platforms, we’ll design a program that meets your goals.

Inbound Marketing
This can include content marketing, social media, SEO, local listings, review management, and more.

Establish your expertise, earn patient trust, and build long term online value with thoughtful content that answers your patients’ questions and establishes long lasting credibility with search engines.

Insights & Analytics
Results are everything. Stay on top of all performance indicators with on-demand metrics which show results. We track ad performance, patient leads, MRI’s reviewed, office visits, surgical procedures booked, and more.

Talisman Solutions is a proven partner for medical practice growth.

Quality patient leads, practice growth, no-nonsense marketing. It’s what we do.

When you partner with a specialized medical practice marketing agency, you get more than just campaigns and advertising jargon. You get a team of experienced health care marketing experts who are obsessive about driving growth for your medical practice.

Case Study: When a Healthcare Practice came to TSI, their books were full one week and sparse the next. Their CEO, a respected and board-certified surgeon, knew they were too dependent on referral sources, which were proving to be finicky and unpredictable. They were ready to grow and knew they needed to gain control over the flow of new patients into their practice. We created a comprehensive program using Paid Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Local SEO we started with a thorough practice assessment to understand the strengths and capacity of the practice. We knew Dr. Bruggeman’s goal was to expand the practice by adding new surgeon partners, so we designed a program to make that possible. Texas Spine Care came to TSI with a nice-looking site, but it was missing critical lead generation structure and content. We optimized the site for higher conversions and better user experience. We launched highly targeted paid search advertising campaigns in the San Antonio market, and then we integrated our Patient Contact Center with his front office for improved patient qualification, coordination, and scheduling of office visits.

Simple, Cost-Effective Managed Care Strategies

Choosing your managed care contracts doesn’t have to be a complex process. Frequently the problem isn’t the insurance contract itself, it’s the process of a practice interfacing with the insurance provider. Whether your practice has contracts on the national or regional level, Fuel has the time and resources to come in and analyze the uniqueness of each relationship, help decode the financial benefits and optimize your strategy to help bring in more loyal, long-term patients.

Healthcare consumers are also shopping for providers the same way they shop for other products and services. They begin their search online, create a list of potential providers and then work through the list to choose one based on criteria that often include whether the provider accepts their health insurance, recommendations from others, ratings, convenience, location, availability and more.

To ensure that a health system makes a consumer’s shortlist and converts them into new patients, they need a strong digital marketing strategy. It’s true many health systems have a digital strategy already, but they tend to fall short in four key areas critical for attracting and converting today’s healthcare consumer:

For organic search, the more challenging part of acquiring patients today for providers is getting found in the first place. Search strategies require far more than simply being included on the approved provider list for health insurance companies and are evolving past simple SEO strategies based on keywords.

When consumers use a search engine to find a service or provider, health systems need to determine if their organization is showing up under the first few results. Winning the organic search game requires consistent efforts that help a brand rise to one of the top spots on the page.

Increasing the number of reviews also boosts a healthcare organization’s discoverability. When a consumer searches for the “best” anything near them in Google, it looks at the Google My Business listing and excludes any business with less than four stars from the results. Often these reviews encompass a few patients whose typical motivation for leaving a review is a less than ideal experience. This could mean your entire organization’s digital reputation is being defined by a small number of vocal patients which isn’t reflective of the true level and value of the services you provide.

Not only do poor ratings affect a healthcare organization’s search ranking, they are also likely to affect a consumer’s choice of provider.

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