Neuro Psychiatrist

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What is a Neuropsychiatrist?

Neuropsychiatrists are a type of psychiatrist that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral, psychiatric and psychological symptoms that originate due to various disorders and diseases affecting the brain and nervous system. For example, a patient presenting with depression as a complication of Parkinson’s disease or one displaying signs of psychosis due to traumatic brain injury would be referred to a Neuropsychiatrist. They are qualified to prescribe medications specially developed to help with such complications, as well as to provide the necessary individual and family counseling to support both the patient and the patients’ family in coping with varying degrees of brain damage. They also offer referrals to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs if necessary. In recent times Neuropsychiatrists have defined their identity as not belonging to either parent disciplines of neurology or psychiatry. They are increasingly independent and provide their own specialized and highly sought after services. What characterizes its practitioners is the skill of its proponents in a broad variety of different methods and techniques rather than a monopoly over any one particular technology. There have been exponential growth and demand increases annually.

Dealing with Neurocare

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