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Healthcare Audit Services-Audit is the analysis of the process to assess the current state of the process when compared with Standards.

Audit findings help to redesign the process map to maximize the returns and help to reduce the liability by improving the Quality Standards.

Talisman Solutions Top Medical Billing Companies near me ensure a specialized design system that facilitates the client to adjust their practices, departments, physicians, policies, and procedures to create more profitable operations.

The system will also facilitate identifying lost opportunities to bill and collect, contractual analysis, and produce systematic reports for review and action at frequent pre-determined intervals. The objective is to put in place, through knowledge transfer and processes, an organization that is capable to identify the revenue increase opportunities on recurring bases.

Core Expertise

Talisman Solutions was created by senior executives in Healthcare, IT Solutions and KPO, with a combined experience of over 70 years. Utilizing extensive pool of high-skilled resources including certified coders: CCS certified from AHIMA (America Health Information Management Association) and CPC certified from AAPC (American Academy of Certified Coders), Billers, and IT Solution architects. We are able to put together solutions that provide our clients profitability and competitive edge.

Talisman Solutions core expertise includes:

  1. Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services including Coding, Billing & Payment Collections.

  2. Audit of Patient Charts and corresponding CPT, ICD-10 codes, for compliance and recommendations for maximizing revenues.

  3. Provide training for Providers, Coders and Billers.

  4. Review and re-engineer of Coding, Billing, and Payment processes.

  5. Review of reimbursements against current contracts and recommendations for improvement.

  6. Review of current Contracts and recommendations for improvement.

  7. Providing analysis of data and identifying areas of new and untapped revenue sources.

  8. Developing customized views of data for Business Intelligence.

Talisman Coding Audit Approach

  1. Initial Client Presentation: Organize a presentation by project manager for providers, office managers and owner/stake holders to discuss the project approach and timings.

  2. Data Collection: Selection of claims either by practice or identified item having high potential for coding variations. Data sampling is done to maintain the Standards of Audit.

  3. Client Interview: Interview with key staff including clinical and health information management staff to understand the organization coding workflow and resources.

  4. Data Analysis and Audit: Review of coding data on claims and corresponding medical records based on nationally accepted coding guidelines, updates and compliance.

  5. Final Report Preparation: Presentation of final report including audit findings for providers, informing providers of the coding conventions and guidelines used when recommending changes. This will help promote consistency in coding and utilization across the facility and providers. We recommend a multi-phase solution to our clients:
Areas Served: We offer medical billing services in the following cities and counties in Texas, Michigan, and Ohio:

Cities: Dallas, Southfield, Dublin

Counties: Collin County, Oakland County, Franklin County

Zip Codes: 75252, 48075, 43017